Karin's Comments From Clients and Attorneys

"Thank you so much for getting this done. Your ability to work with our client was phenomenal, and I've never seen a mediation end with a hug between the opposing parties. You are the mediator that I recommend most frequently, and I always say, "if you want someone who can get it done, call Karin." Your work yesterday, as always, was the best." -Attorney

"Thanks, Karin. Your work in settling this mattter was the best job of mediating I have ever witnessed." -Attorney

"I am frankly and completely impressed with your mediation skills. I did not think there was any way our case could be settled, but you deftly handled the situation and moved both parties to a resolution my client and I were very pleased with. I apologize for the lack of respect that sometimes bubbled out of the negotiations, but you handled the situation with grace and style. Your reputation as one of the best mediators in the sstate is well-deserved! I will enthusiatically recommend you to anyone who will listen." -Attorney

"Thanks again Karin for all your help. Sorry that I got angry and yelled at you. But I'm sure you understand we do appreciate everything." -Client

"I work with a lot of mediators on large cases. You are a pro and up there with the best I've worked with." -Attorney

"Thank you. You did a masterful job yesterday. I went into that mediation with virtually no hope of reaching a resolution, yet dreading the nature of the lawsuit that was planned. As attorneys, we believed in our case and our client's cause, yet knew that we had risks of litigation in this matter. You have an air of professionalism that gave great comfort to clients and helped lead to the satisfactory settlement."-Attorney

"Given the nature of this case, I do not know that any other mediator could have achieved the same result. I think most of us thought the mediation would last no more than a few hours -- it probably would have but for your persistence. You certainly helped us settled the case and most importantly chaieve a great result for our client" -Attorney

"I wanted to thank you again for your great and hard work on this matter.  You, as the mediator, were genius. There were all sorts of reasons and predispositions leading this case to non-resolution at the beginning and throughout the day.  I was so grateful that you were willing to "roll up your sleeves" and do a lot of hard work.  I was very impressed." -Attorney

"A sincere heartfelt thank you for your outstanding, professional, considerate and expert handling of our mediation on Tuesday. You are truly gifted in your field." -Client 

"I wanted to tell you how awesome you were in mediating.  I'm absolutely positive that we would not have settled had you not performed the way you did.  Getting [two other nonparties with decision-making authority] there was crucial to our settling."  -Client 

"So nice to have your expert assistance in settling what I'd thought was an endless process." -Client

"You made what is oft a difficult and angst-ridden process a much more palatable and gracious endeavor." -Attorney 

"I wanted to express my appreciation for both your method and execution in our mediation. My attorney and I were pleased with the monumental progress and the ultimate results." -Client   

"Thank you for helping make that experience as calm and supported as possible." -Client

"This has been a difficult and emotional upheaval for us. That you deal with these situations daily is admirable. That you remain humane, involved and caring is amazing. We thank you for your involvement, concern and compassion." -Clients  

"Keep up the good work.  I really didn't think that we'd get this one done.  As you could see at the mediation, getting [the other client] on the same planet was quite a job!  And, as my client said at the mediation, she really wanted some closure." -Attorney